• Does APX Solutions pour concrete eg. driveways and house slabs?
    No, everything we do is over or using existing concrete. We are not a concreting company.
  • Do I need a licence to do decorative concrete?
    In some States a licence may be required for some of the applications we teach. As regulations are different around the Country you will need to check with your local authority. We do not offer a licence as part of the training but we do give a certificate to students that complete training in our products, this may be of some use in an application for a licence.
  • Are your products available in all States of Australia?
    Yes we are based in Melbourne but we freight all around the Country daily.
  • Where do most of your products come from?
    We import most of our products from America. The Decorative concrete industry has been in America for a long time and as such they have developed the best products on the market at this present time. Our commitment is to always supply the best products to our customers and to the latest and greatest products available to the Australian market.
  • Can anyone one do decorative concrete?
    Yes, we have trained ex bank managers, sales reps, accountants, both male and female. As long as you have a desire to learn, we can teach you. Our classes cater for the novice through to an experienced contractor.